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“tyrannos” means tyrant, and the name “Rex” means king, to highlight the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Combined, it means King of the brutal lizards.


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Pebble beach, CA 93953
3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2015 SQFT
Carmel, CA 93940
3 BD | 1 BA | 2,000 SQFT
San Jose, CA 93921
3 BD | 3.5 BA | 3,886 SQFT


San Jose, CA 93921
3 BD | 3.5 BA | 3,886 SQFT


Bone characteristics: The posterior frontal bone is missing, the humerus has a low triangular crest, attached to the sternoclavicular deltoid muscle, the length is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the humerus. There’s a bulge in the back of the gut, a perforated acetabular. Distal tibia margin broad, with a backward flange. There is a distinct superior process of the talus confluent with the tibia.
Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton Features

It was huge, the largest of the Tyrannosaurs, with an average hip height of about 4 meters. The highest hip height can reach about 5.2 meters, the highest head height of nearly 6 meters. The average weight is about 9 tons (ecological average is about 7.6 tons), the heaviest is 14.85 tons, and the maximum head length is about 1.55 meters.

Tyrannosaurus rex is a carnivorous dinosaur, feeding on herbivorous dinosaurs and other animals. With sharp teeth and claws, Tyrannosaurus Rex hunted other herbivorous dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex could not grow forever. Its growth cycle generally ended at the age of 19, or no more than 21 years old at the latest. After the growth cycle, although it did not grow taller or longer, its skeleton would grow and become stronger and very thick.

Carnivorous characteristics of T-Rex


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