Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur costume, also known as dinosaur holster, is a new type of performance costume props that people can enter into the body of a dinosaur and wear like a dinosaur to run, jump, make various actions and make sounds.
The simulated dinosaur performance costume is a simulated dinosaur coat that can be used as a scientific education model for paleontology popular science exhibitions, and can also warm up the scene for interaction. It is suitable for various venues and activities. A regular-sized dinosaur holster weighs about 20 kilograms. It is very light to wear on the body. The holster has air holes and a visual screen inside, which can control the dinosaur to open its mouth, head left and right, head up and down, body up and down, A series of actions such as tail wagging, walking, and shouting are more interesting and interactive than ordinary simulation models. The highlights of the dinosaur leather case are lifelike shape, flexible and changeable movements, simple and convenient operation, and a wide range of applications. It can not only popularize dinosaur knowledge, display dinosaur characteristics, but also drive popularity, interact closely with the masses, and attract people’s attention.
The leather case is handmade from materials such as steel, mechanical parts, high-density sponge, fiber cloth, silica gel, and pigments. According to dinosaur restoration drawings or design patterns, a moving, screaming, and walking animal is created with modern simulation techniques and technological means. dinosaur built.

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