Ferocious carnivorous dinosaur – Shardontosaurus

Ferocious carnivorous dinosaur – Shardontosaurus

Sharkdon lived from the late Albidans to the early Senorans of the Cretaceous, about 100 million to 93 million years ago.

Sharkdon lived at a time when giants, including Spinosaurus 15 meters long, Rupleosaurus 9 meters long, and Sauropod tidal sauropods over 30 meters long, lurked in the water with Emperor crocodiles 12 meters long. Sharkdon probably fed on the giant sauropods of its time.

The reason for its name is that it had teeth similar to those of the genus phage, which are not curved, but almost symmetrical on both sides and convex on the leading edge.

Megalodon Ijidi, skull 1.75 meters long (human to megalodon skull ratio)

The genus name Carcharo means phage shark, and donto means tooth, the tooth of a phage shark. The teeth of Megalodon were so large that the crown alone could reach more than 5 centimeters, and both sides of the teeth had developed serrations, which were somewhat similar to the modern great white shark, hence the name. The names of both species emphasize where they were found.

Sharkdon was featured in the documentary Resurrection of the Ancient Giants, but was killed by a Spinosaurus shortly after its appearance. It also makes an appearance in Planet of Dinosaurs. In the film, Shardonosaurus feeds on the tidal sauropods and the Dauntless sauropods, competing with the Emperor and Spinosaurus for prey. The film also shows two sharks fighting over territory. Given the latest developments, however, some of the plot is questionable, such as the fact that Spinosaurus was a semi-aquatic theropod, which was highly specialized in habitat and diet and therefore unlikely to have clashed with Sharkdon over food resources