This is the largest dinosaur that ever lived. It could easily crush a 12-ton mapulon. A footprint pit was taller than a full-grown man. Today we’re going to meet this 93-million-year-old Argentinosaurus.

Its body length was 35 to 43 meters, equivalent to our current 14-story building, and its weight was about 88 tons, equivalent to ten Tyrannosaurus Rex. Its stomach was as big as an elephant, it ate two tons of leaves every day, and one vertebrae was taller than an adult man.

The body of an Argentinosaurus can feed the surrounding dinosaurs for ten days, and it can feed a thousand people for three days. Due to its huge body, it moves slowly, with a maximum speed of seven kilometers per hour. This huge body is a walking delicacy, which makes many carnivorous dinosaurs salivate, and when they find an opportunity, they will pounce on it and bite it off for a delicious meal.

Their front PAWS have a big curved claw, used for defense and to dig holes to lay eggs, a group of Argentinosaurus walking, can be heard ten kilometers away their sound, as if an earthquake, the baby Argentinosaurus birth weight is only five kilograms, but their growth rate is amazing, an average of 40 kilograms per day growth rate, can grow to about 70 tons by the age of 40.

But their children were in a bad way before they grew up, and because of the Argentinosaurus’ large size, lack of aggression and slow movement, most of their offspring became the food of many carnivorous dinosaurs at an early age.

If a group of Argentinosaurus find a water source, and they go to drink, and they don’t know that there’s a giant crocodile lurking in the water, and they suddenly rush in and bite an Argentinosaurus in the neck, and the group of Argentinosaurus is scared and they break up in a hurry, and a baby Argentinosaurus is stuck in the mud, unable to move, and the giant crocodile comes up behind them and bites the hind leg of the baby, and it keeps tearing, Suddenly a mapron appeared.

He wants his meal, too. Two prehistoric giants are tearing at the baby Argentinosaurus at the same time. The Argentinosaurus behind is worried, but scared, and finally the stronger Mapulon has the baby and is trying to pull it away.

Knowing that they were not aggressive, Mapron met them and tried to frighten them by putting on a brave face, but the Argentinosaurus was so keen, roaring and dropping his legs, that Mapron was finally frightened by the huge pack of Argentinosaurus and left in his dismays. So far, the injured baby Argentinosaurus has been saved. If the huge body of Argentinosaurus is matched with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the smart brain and the wild, it will be absolutely invincible.