How to Creat Animatronic Animals for Amusement Parks

How to Creat Animatronic Animals for Amusement Parks

How to Make Animatronic Animals

Animatronics, the field of creating lifelike robots or animals, is a fascinating field that integrates art, science, and biology. These robots mimic the movements and behaviors of the creature they are mimicking. These devices provide entertainment for passersby and can be an effective alternative for individuals with memory impairment.

Animatronics is a multi-disciplinary field that integrates biology, zoology, robotics, and art

Animatronics involves creating programmable, realistic robots that mimic human behavior and appearance. The field integrates many disciplines including biology, zoology, robotics, and art to develop realistic animated figures. An animatronic figure can be driven by cables or motors or controlled with computer controls. Its body shell is made from soft and hard plastic materials, and it is finished with realistic details.

Animated animals can be used for various applications, including entertainment, games, and museums. Early animatronics were created for movie productions. Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg were among the first to use these technologies for a movie. Their film, The Dark Crystal, featured puppets designed by Brian Froud and created at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London.

It is used to mimic the movements of whatever creature is being imitated

This feat is a melee weapon that is used to imitate the movements of other creatures. If the creature being imitated has Intelligence 5 or higher, it has the advantage on attack rolls against that creature. Mimics move at half their normal speed and can only move seven feet per turn if the creature being imitated is small. However, these creatures are still subject to opportunity attacks.

There are many examples of mimicry. Mantis, for example, imitate plant parts in order to hide from predators and catch prey by surprise. Orchid Mantis, on the other hand, imitates brighter flowers in order to fool their prey.

It is entertainment for passersby

Animatronics animals are a great way to entertain tourists and passersby alike. Many of these animals are available for purchase from online retailers. For example, My Dinosaurs offers classic animatronic animals for sale at affordable prices. These animals can also be used as an educational tool for students.

It is an effective alternative for individuals with memory impairment

Animated animals can help individuals with memory impairment feel connected to their world. These robotic pets have lifelike qualities and are powered by batteries. They have sensors that respond to touch and movement. These pets blink, move their mouth, and make lifelike sounds. The user can control the response level. Although they cannot replace a real animal, they can be a wonderful alternative for individuals with memory impairment or elderly people with physical limitations.

In recent research, animatronic animals have been shown to reduce agitation, which can be particularly distressing in late-stage dementia. In addition, the use of robotic animals can reduce difficult behaviors, such as repeating meaningless words. For example, in a recent study, a robotic cat called Joy for All Companion Pets calmed dementia patients, resulting in a reduction in agitation and anxiety in the patients.

It can be used in marine parks

One of the hottest new trends in marine parks is the introduction of animatronic animals. These machines are incredibly lifelike and mimic the behavior of real animals. Edge Innovations, a marine animal manufacturing company, has recently launched a robotic dolphin called Delle that can mimic real dolphin behavior. The robot can be controlled by a joystick and put on a show while simultaneously providing education to visitors.

The goal of animatronic animals is to create the illusion that an animal is real, and it is not always possible to get this right. The first challenge of creating a realistic animatronic dolphin is capturing the movement of the animal. A team of scientists studied the behavior of real dolphins and trained artificial intelligence (AI) to emulate the animal’s movements. The result is an animatronic dolphin that is so realistic that even sharks avoided it. The dolphin attraction is expected to debut at a theme park in the summer.

The decoration of  Meishan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

The decoration of Meishan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

The hospital was founded in November 1986. It is a national third-class first-class Chinese medicine doctor with strong comprehensive strength, which has outstanding specialty advantages, advanced equipment, and both Chinese and Western emphasis. Hospital and Sichuan Provincial Boutique Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. In May 2021, it became the Meishan Hospital directly affiliated to Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the designated hospital for remote consultation and remote teaching of West China Hospital of Sichuan University and the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region. Zigong Co-Creation Culture & Art Co., Ltd. provided decoration services for the new site of Meishan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2020, including complete giant wall reliefs, hospital greening and cultural decoration, which have been widely praised.

A Winter Wonderland of Light In England——Lightopia Festival

A Winter Wonderland of Light In England——Lightopia Festival

In winter 2021, Zigong Co-Creation Culture&Art Co., Ltd. provides the lightopia festival with hundreds of Chinese lanterns,  which contains the lighting Chinese dragons, animals, insects, plants, and decorations.


The lightopia festival is the ceremonial event to celebrate the new year in England. The lightopia festival always starts from the middle of the November and ends at the beginning of the January.


This year, for the first time, each location has a unique themed Christmas light trail for visitors to experience, such as the palace reborn in light, two dragons frolicking with a pearl. This festival is one of the most suitable place for a family!

Largest Water Park in Asia——Anji Happy Vanko Park

Largest Water Park in Asia——Anji Happy Vanko Park

Anji Le Fantian happy storm water park, covers an area of 240000 square meters, can be called the largest water park in Asia. Located in Anji County, a famous tourist destination in Zhejiang Province, the whole park is fully integrated with the local elements of Anji, a bamboo township.

With the panda Jige as the mascot, the joy runs through the whole park. Our company won the bid and participated in the construction of amusement facilities, including ticket checking bulkhead at the main entrance, background modeling of water world, drifting River and snow mountain, various regional gateheads and cartoon animal modeling of various small scenic spots.

The product is lifelike, the color is bright and pure, and the surface finish is good, which has been highly praised by customer. And subsequently participated in its later engineering construction.

The Dinosaur Safari Park in Bronx Zoo

The Dinosaur Safari Park in Bronx Zoo

Zigong Co-Creation Culture is a large simulation animal production company developed both at home and abroad, its simulation dinosaur products with its durable, beautiful atmosphere, advanced technology for the advantage has been praised by customers at home and abroad for many times.

Bronx Zoo is one of the top ten zoos in the world. It is located in Bronx Park in New York City. The park is densely wooded with ancient trees, and the Bronx River runs through it, forming waterfalls in some places. Here, the position of tourists and animals is reversed, animals wander and climbing freely in the woods, however, visitors can only stay in the glass house to look at them, and communicate with them.

In 2016, Zigong Co-Creation Culture&Art Co.,Ltd. cooperated with the Bronx Zoo to create a primitive dinosaur park.